What is cleaning?

Cleaning is a process of the item being cleaned both the interior and exterior. Cleaning will help to keep your item hygienic and to maintain the leather quality. This service will also include polishing metal hardware to make it shinier. Cleaning process will take approximately 4-6 weeks to be done.

What is color restoration?

Color restoration is to recolor the item to its original color (95-99% similarity). A physical sample is advisable to be provided; otherwise our specialists will find the cleanest part to be the color reference. Coloring is most suitable for leather materials (terms & conditions apply). It is important to note that coloring service does not repair the leather condition. The damaged leather remains as it is. A fresh dye will be applied on to the existing leather. This service will take approximately 8-12 weeks.

What is waterproof coating?

With waterproof service, a nano-coating will be applied on the surface of the item. This will enable the item to be water repellent. The result will be depending on the pores of the item. Please do not immerse the items into water.

Why do the services take such a long time?

The services might take sometimes as it will go through several important steps of treatments (read more in about us page).

Is your company Singapore registered?

Yes, we are registered under Singapore ACRA.

Do you provide pickup and delivery?

Yes, we do FREE pickup and delivery service with no minimum spends.

Do you have monthly installment for payment wise?

Yes, we do. Please do contact us for more information.

What is Extended Service Warranty?

With the purchase of service warranty, you will be able to send in the SAME bag again for extra treatment within a year (Applicable for 1 time use within 1 year).

  • For cleaning, it will be a re-cleaning and maintenance service.
  • For color restoration, it will be color touchup service on necessary parts.
Will you update me the status of my bag by time to time?

Yes, we will update you before servicing and inform you after service is done. You may ask for checking the bag status too, anytime.

What if I am not satisfied with the results? Any warranty after services?

Warranty period will be 7 days after goods delivery. Kindly be informed that before we release the item, we have actually observed it under a specialized room to ensure the bag is ready to be sent out. You can also purchase our extended warranty service for prolonged protection of the bag at special price.

What is your compensation plan?

Should there be any damages or loss happen to your item during our care, we will compensate you in accordance to the second hand market price of the bag at that time. Proof of purchase is required to proof authenticity of the bag. The total compensation will not exceed SGD 1,800. The original item will not be given back to the customer once the compensation has been successfully made.

May I settle the payment after service?

No, we only accept Payment in advance.

I'm not sure about the bag measurement, would you advice me if I placed order with the wrong size?

Yes, we will advice you if the measurement is wrong, proof picture will be attached too. So it is either you do top up or we do refund.

What if my bag was swapped with others?

No, it will not happen. When we collect the bag from you, we will put a tag marking your order number which will stick to the bag till service is done. On the other side, we will suggest you to take pictures of your item before passing to our courier team, so that when the item is returned back to you, you will recognize it.

What is the result I can expect from your service (cleaning/ color restoration)?

We have compiled a series of expected results and explanation for common conditions of the bag. This can be found under Terms and Conditions page (need to be agreed on before payment). This is to ensure that all guests are aware of the expected result from the service. Kindly note that we tried to explain most of the conditions, however, please understand that there will be other conditions that is unexpected. Kindly highlight your concern to our specialist during consultation. It is best that we can receive your photos of the items during consultations to advice the appropriate treatment.

What is your Terms and Conditions?

Cleaning Notes:

Cleaning is a process of the item being cleaned both the interior and exterior. It will also include polishing metal hardware. As different material and different areas of the items need different cleaning agents and cleaning methods, it will take some time to do so. Cleaning can help to keep your bag hygienic and mould free. Some stains could be removed, some could only be lightened and some stubborn stains would remain after cleaning. As different goods have different conditions, we will need to clean it first to know the final outcomes of each item. Basically, cleaning helps to maintain the bag to make it last longer and provide the necessary care needed. Cleaning will take approximately 1 (one) month the fastest. Depending on the results too, if further cleaning is needed it will take more time for extra treatment.

There are few possibilities of cleaning results for different cases, such as:

  1. Fabric, canvas, nylon material items have the best cleaning affect, but please take note that after cleaning, it might become coarse / furry.
  2. Exotic leather such as snake skin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin, and foux fur, will have limited cleaning results as they are really fragile.
  3. Patent leather or PVC glossy leather will have minimum results of cleaning if it has been stained. For this material, once it has been discolored, it will be permanently there.
  4. Suede leather which has various length of fur, this type can be cleaned too but if it has been stained, the chances of removing it are very low. In some special cases, dark stains will be lightened after cleaning. And suede leather after cleaning, it would be dry, stiff, and might be slightly crumpled too.
  5. Vachetta leather is mostly produced by Louis Vuitton. This material is categorized as one of the most sensitive leather as it could be easily stained by water drops and might become permanent water stain. For a serious mould issue on Vachetta leather will also be stubborn stain on the leather, cleaning will only help to slightly lighten the stains, otherwise it will remain there. The cleaning results of each bag is much depending on the leather condition. As for vachetta leather, we can spot clean an area, we need to clean the whole area so that the color of the vachetta leather will even out. The leather might turn more tanned(darker) or lighter depending on the initial condition of the bag.
  6. Color fading might occur after cleaning for some materials, depending on the original condition of the item too. For instance; if you have a canvas bag with two color tones (black and white), there is a risk that canvas color might fade after cleaning.
  7. Furry threads on stitches might occur after cleaning (all materials), depending on the original condition of the bag itself.
  8. Damages such as torn material, bruises, peeling, fraying or any material with holes might expand after cleaning, depending on the condition of the material itself.
  9. Stains would only be lightened by cleaning service and it has low possibilities to be totally gone. For instance; yellowish stain, glue stain, color transfer stain, water stain, pen ink stain, jeans stain, oil stain, or any anonymous stain, etc.
    Note: Color restoration will be recommended to fully cover any stains.
  10. Adhesive glue stain will occurs due to oxidization and it could happen on both leather and non leather item. The results of cleaning this issue are limited; but do not worry, we will try our best to remove as much as we can. In addition, glue oxidization will cause discoloration even color transfer.
  11. Stickiness has two circumstances. First one is normally caused by the contacts with palm sweat, hand lotion, oil, etc. then cleaning will be able to remove the stickiness. Second possibility is due to high temperatures, hot weather, and improper storage, it could also cause the material to oxidize, and for this case, cleaning results are very limited. In some serious cases, the stickiness might remain.
  12. Mould occurs when there is improper storage, one’s usage, or humid weather (climate changes). Cleaning process will be able to remove mould and disinfect the items for hygienic purposes. However, in a serious case of mould, it will leave stain on the item and cause the color of the item to change rapidly. If this occurs to your items (bag, wallet and etc.) cleaning will be unable to remove the mould stain.
    Note: For mould issue, after cleaning, it may or may not come back as it depends on the storage and humid weather. We will highly recommend you to put hippo thirsty/ dehumidifier close to the bags and bags are also suggested to be stored in an opened-air room/ ventilated room. The best advice we could suggest you is to use/carry the bag frequently.
  13. Discoloration usually happens to normal wear and tear, it is a common occurrence. Please take note that cleaning will not help to recover the color unless you proceed to Color restoration.
  14. Metal oxidization is due to combination of weather, moisture, storage and sometimes chemicals. If it has been oxidized, it will remain the same even after polishing. We are unable to restore the metal hardware but we can restore it by doing gold plating.
  15. Metal hardware will be done polishing to make it look shinier. If the hardware has been spoilt/rusty/tarnished/fading or scratched, even after polishing it will remain the same.
  16. Un-refurbished cases such as scratches, wrinkles, dent marks, press marks, shrunk leather, burnt material, out of shape issue, they will remain the same after services.
  17. Adhesive residues cannot be cleaned off with one-time service, as the residue will come out again sooner or later. The cleaning results for this case are limited but we will try our best to remove it without harming the bag. If it occurs again, we will advice you to wipe it off using cotton buds.
    Note: Mostly occurs on metal hardware
  18. Smell (mildew/mould/odor) could only be reduced by cleaning. But if the substances have been absorbed into the material, the smell will remain.
  19. Crystal coating can be removed. This coating is normally found on Gucci (external coating), Louis Vuitton (inner pocket). We will recommend doing removal of crystal coating when it starts to oxidize. Coating oxidization can be discovered when there is peeling off, cracking, stickiness, or melting off.
  20. Important Note: After cleaning service, the items might appear to be stiffer and a bit dry, it is due to removal of the dirt, dust, germs, oil and etc. from the bag itself after a few times use. It will be fine or back to normal after a period of usage.

Color Restoration/ Color Changing Notes:

Color restore means to recolor the items back to the original color. Coloring is more suitable for leather materials. While doing color restore, we will first clean up all areas. After drying up, our specialists will do color mixing. We will find the cleanest area on your item to be the color sample. Customers can also show us the area they think can be color references. Please take note that we will be able to restore the color to 95-99% similarity. The outcome of coloring is very much depending on the original condition of the goods after collection. This service will take approximately 2-4 months.

  1. Color changing is possible. When the item has been badly discolored, we will still be able to restore back to the original color, otherwise you may go for color changing. Customers are required to provide us a physical color palette or color sample in pictures for color references. Kindly note that pictures might show up slightly dissimilar in different devices due to lighting. Please be informed too that color changing is not recommended as if there is harsh friction or deep scratches, the original base color will be revealed and obvious.
  2. Lead time of color restore whole process will take approximately the fastest 2 months. It depends on how well the absorption will be. Normally when it is done, we will put it under a specialized room to further observe the final works. In the last stage of finishing, it will be waterproofing, which may take a week or so to dry up. Sometimes, we might need extra service of touch up too, especially the area that is hard to be reached for coloring.
  3. Two color tones in the same surface or the same leather piece, will be colored to one color tone only. For example, Louis Vuitton epi leather bag, or Givenchy Pepe design, they basically have one darker color and a lighter color, but we can only proceed with one color tone.
  4. Metallic colors like gold, silver, bronze or any other color with metallic effects is not advisable for color restore as the color will easily fade off.
  5. Scratches can be covered. Color restore will be able to conceal mild scratches. But if it is deep scratches, coloring will only make it look less obvious. Also, the marks will still be visible.
  6. Damages such as peeling, torn, cracking, scuffing will still be visible even it will be less obvious after coloring service.
  7. Imprint logo or which is known as Branding Logo (silver or gold), will be kept original. People mark it as goods authenticity while it is not. If the logo has been badly faded off, it is recommended to cover it off with color paint.
  8. Suede leather can be color restored but it will turn out coarse and stiff. Other kind of suede leather will be Nubuck material. This kind might be shiny after coloring as it has the shortest fur. Hence, for general suede leather, as the length of fur is various, there will be uneven part to be seen after color restore.
  9. Non-leather such as fabric, canvas, nylon, or jeans can be color restored but it is not advisable. Coloring on these materials will cause coarseness and stiff.
  10. Threads of stitches will be colored too and it will be the same color tone with the surrounding leather. Moreover, the threads (especially cotton material) will be a bit furry and stiff after coloring.
  11. Side trimming rubber/gel will be kept original if the condition is still good.Meaning that after whole item being colored, trimming rubber/gel will be wiped off. However, if the rubber/gel has been damaged (cracking or peeling), we will cover it off with new color paint, just like the item’s new color. It will still be seen, unless you do replacement of the side trimming rubber/gel. Pricings are various depending on the complexity of each spot.
  12. Wear and tear after service. So after color restore, the goods will be subject to normal wear and tear. Please be informed that edges, corners, handles are the most sensitive areas and they tend to be fading faster than other parts. It is due to previous usage or storage.
  13. Exotic leather such as snake skin, crocodile skin, ostrich skin and faux fur, cannot be restored as they are very fragile.
  14. Patent leather material can only be recolored to Black color.
  15. Patterned leather is the kind of leather with brand signature printings. We are unable to restore this material. Patterned leather items are such as Burberry (PVC), Louis Vuitton (Monogram, Damier), MCM (logo patterns), Gucci (Canvas), etc.
  16. Unprocessed leather or what is so-called vachetta leather, is not suitable for coloring as it will become stiff and damaged.
  17. Metal hardware like buckles, studs, rings, zipper, or chain will appear to be the same which is not suitable for coloring. We will do polishing to make them look shinier only. If it has been oxidized/ rusty/ tarnished or scratched, it will remain the same even after polishing. We are unable to restore the metal hardware but we can restore it by doing gold plating. Please be informed that gold plating can only be done if the hardware is removable and without holes.

Pick Up & Delivery Services Notes:

  1. When you have submitted an order through online, we will proceed to goods collection arrangement. Our courier team will first sort out the route then will contact you within 24 hours (excluding weekends) for setting up a pickup date and time frame which fits into your availability.
  2. Bags Butler only provides 1 (one) time pickup and 1 (one) time delivery for each customer/ order number. Any additional pickup or delivery request will be charged at $15 SGD.
  3. The pickup/ delivery time frame will be 10-12pm, 2-6pm, or 7-9pm for weekdays. Saturday will be working half day. Sunday will be off day/ resting. So kindly allow 2-3 hours time frame for the arrangement as sometimes there might be delay from previous customers and traffic issue.
  4. Any specific date and timing request will be charged at $15 SGD per trip. For example, “Please pickup on Saturday 24th of March at 3pm only”.
  5. Any changes in time frame, pickup/delivery date, postponement request, or cancellation, kindly inform our courier team within 24 hours before the confirmed date and time.
  6. Any last minutes changes on the arranged date and time or no show up, there will be a charge of $15 SGD to be borne by the customer.
  7. Any cancellation of order after we have received your item, $30 SGD will be charged for transportation fee.
  8. For customers who request to pay via cash, is suggested to prepare exact cash money to our driver in charge. Or else, you may settle the payment via PayLah! , PayNow! , or Bank Transfer. Kindly note that we will proceed to servicing once the payment has been settled.
  9. After an initial arrangement call is made, our courier team will drop you a confirmation message on the day of collection/delivery. Kindly response the message for the final confirmation in order for the items to be picked up/delivered.
  10. Note for all customers: Kindly make sure you clear up your belongings from your goods. Please keep the dust bags with you; only pass items to the driver in charge. We will not be responsible for any losses.