What is cleaning?

Cleaning is a process of the item being cleaned both the interior and exterior. Cleaning will help to keep your item hygienic and to maintain the leather quality. This service will also include polishing metal hardware to make it shinier. Cleaning process will take approximately 4-6 weeks to be done.

Color restoration is to recolor the item to its original color (95-99% similarity). A physical sample is advisable to be provided; otherwise our specialists will find the cleanest part to be the color reference. Coloring is most suitable for leather materials (terms & conditions apply). It is important to note that coloring service does not repair the leather condition. The damaged leather remains as it is. A fresh dye will be applied on to the existing leather. This service will take approximately 8-12 weeks.

With waterproof service, a nano-coating will be applied on the surface of the item. This will enable the item to be water repellent. The result will be depending on the pores of the item. Please do not immerse the items into water.

The services might take sometimes as it will go through several important steps of treatments (read more in about us page).

Yes, we are registered under Singapore ACRA.

Yes, we do FREE pickup and delivery service with no minimum spends.

Yes, we do. Please do contact us for more information.

With the purchase of service warranty, you will be able to send in the SAME bag again for extra treatment within a year (Applicable for 1 time use within 1 year).

  • For cleaning, it will be a re-cleaning and maintenance service.
  • For color restoration, it will be color touchup service on necessary parts.

Yes, we will update you before servicing and inform you after service is done. You may ask for checking the bag status too, anytime.

Warranty period will be 7 days after goods delivery. Kindly be informed that before we release the item, we have actually observed it under a specialized room to ensure the bag is ready to be sent out. You can also purchase our extended warranty service for prolonged protection of the bag at special price.

Should there be any damages or loss happen to your item during our care, we will compensate you in accordance to the second hand market price of the bag at that time. Proof of purchase is required to proof authenticity of the bag. The total compensation will not exceed SGD 1,800. The original item will not be given back to the customer once the compensation has been successfully made.

No, we only accept Payment in advance.

Yes, we will advice you if the measurement is wrong, proof picture will be attached too. So it is either you do top up or we do refund.

No, it will not happen. When we collect the bag from you, we will put a tag marking your order number which will stick to the bag till service is done. On the other side, we will suggest you to take pictures of your item before passing to our courier team, so that when the item is returned back to you, you will recognize it.

We have compiled a series of expected results and explanation for common conditions of the bag. This can be found under Terms and Conditions page (need to be agreed on before payment). This is to ensure that all guests are aware of the expected result from the service. Kindly note that we tried to explain most of the conditions, however, please understand that there will be other conditions that is unexpected. Kindly highlight your concern to our specialist during consultation. It is best that we can receive your photos of the items during consultations to advice the appropriate treatment.

You can click this link to learn more about our Terms and Conditions.