Rubbery Edges Replacement

In most cases, side rubber/gel will be cracking, peeling, sticky, and melting off, due to wear and tear, and sometimes caused by oxidization. For this issue, we will need to firstly clean and remove the old layer, and then layer a new one with a similar color. In most cases, side rubber/gel will be cracking, peeling, sticky, and melting off, due to wear and tear. Kindly be informed that as this service is handmade, the surface of new rubber/gel might not be as flawless comparing to machine work. Moreover, the result is largely depending on the original condition of the rubber/gel. Hence if it was badly damaged, there might be cracking traces/lines after service.

Stitches Repairing

The most common issue is tears at corners, broken threads, loosen threads, broken leather joints, weakening leather, etc. We will be able to mend it back by following the original holes of stitches. In some cases, there might be some traces of thread to be seen.

Fabric Zipper Lining Replacement

If the fabric lining on zipper is spoilt or damaged, we will first require you to send us few pictures of damaged areas for assessment purpose. Some material of bags/wallets might be unable to be repaired due to different kind of leather material used. If the old fabric lining is removable without harming the bag/wallet, then we will be able to proceed to replacement work. In addition, it is much depending on finding similar spare parts. It could be different material, or slightly different sizes compared to the original material.

Color Touch Up

Color touch up is commonly needed when there is scuffing, minor color fading, slight discoloration, pen ink/stain, slight stain, tiny spots, etc. So, touch up is basically to conceal particular spots only. Please be informed that touch up service is more suitable for corners, edges, hook, or as long as it does not take place in the middle of the bag (ex. Body of the bag) or else it will cause uneven spots to be seen.

After color touch up service, there are possibilities that our new color might be slightly lighter or slightly darker compared to the surrounding. But we will ensure that it will not be obvious from a distance.

Note: Pricings of each repairing service are various as depending on the complexity, needs of supportive material and also time consuming of whole process.


Please contact our staff for more information and result of before and after pictures.

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