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Branded Bag Shop Repair | Cheap Bag Cleaning Service Singapore

Which service would you like to have?

Bags Butler is an international standard service center. It provides services like Luxury Bag Repair Singapore and handbag restoration services. It offers high-quality services for your bags at your doorstep. Bags Butler is a great Luxury Handbag Repair shop Singapore, to get your leather stuff repaired and restored.

Get Your Bags Cleaned at Bags Butler leading bag cleaning service center. Bags Butler have a World Class Dry
Cleaning Facilities. Contact Us to Get Started Today!


Luxury Purse | Bag Cleaning Service Singapore
DRY CLEANING – Bags Butler also provides luxury purse dry cleaning service. Your Luxury Purse will get the royal
cleaning treatment. Bags Butler stands for its outstanding quality of services which are available in Singapore.
We clean, repair and restore bags, shoes, and accessories.

Dry Cleaning is the best solution for bags.
If you wish to see that natural look and shine of the bag once more, then select the cleaning process and do not
try to do something on your own. Looking for dry cleaning services in Singapore? Visit to know more.

Tailored Luxury Bag Cleaning Services

Our comprehensive luxury bag cleaning services cover a wide array of bag types. Our services include but are not
exclusive to:

  • Handbag Dry Cleaning
  • Designer Bag Cleaning
  • Leather Bag Dry Cleaning
  • Handbag Cleaning Service

Throughout our cleaning service, your bag will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, killing all bacteria whilst
protecting the core strength of your bath. We make use of professional cleaning techniques, combined with the
experience of our skilled team to ensure that each bag comes out looking as good as new. No matter the size of
your bag, from smaller purse like designs, to larger professional bags, you can rely on us for a high-quality
expert clean.

Expert Repair Services

On top of our professional luxury cleaning services, we also offer expert repair services for your bags. We
understand that during your daily life, your bag will undergo significant wear and tear. From carrying heavy
items to being snagged on a door or other object, your bag will undergo significant stress. If your bag becomes
heavily damaged, or simply requires some maintenance, we have the bag repair Singapore service for you.

Our handbag repair services in Singapore cover a wide array of bag types including branded bag repair and
designer bag repair. During the repair, we make use of the highest quality materials that match your particular
branded bag. This makes sure your bag remains authentic whilst undergoing repair. We also offer wallet repair in
Singapore if your wallet becomes damaged. Through this service, we can make your wallet look as good as new.

Feedback From A Satisfied Customer:

The best bag repair shop near me, no matter where I stay in Singapore, would be Bags Butler.

Reason for that, no matter where I am, they will always come over to pick up my bags and return the bags to me once they are done.

I don’t bother going to the neighborhood bag repair shop near me as sometimes they are not as professional and competent.

In fact, many of my friends who owns expensive bags like Hermes, Chanel, LV, etc, all choose Bags Butler. They are arguably one of the top bag spa in Singapore.

Most of us clean our bags once every year, and we only go to the one and only bag spa in Singapore, we trust.

They are very strong in their service standards and can transform your bag until it looks almost brand new! For example, I have some bags that were kept in storage and they were super moldy! Bags Butler was able to sort it out and make it brand new again!

As all bag owners would know, there is always some form of emotional attachment we have with our bags. Hence, we only can pass it to a service provider we can trust with our hearts (and bags).

Thank you once again, Bags Butler, for providing the best and top-notch service for me and my friends!